New Features in FIFA 18

fifa18FIFA 18 is a football series from Electronic Arts Inc. It’s the first release was made on September 28, 2010. The latest edition features numerous exciting enhancements. FIFA 18 will be available in all the main consoles. The price ranges depending on which console.

The player’s personality has been improved drastically. You can now imitate a particular character more than ever. So choose your favorite football player and get them to behave like in real life.

No more dummy goalkeepers. Goalkeepers now have an improved intelligence and better perception. This lets them pull more saves and adds dimension to the game.

The handball feature has been further implemented, enabling you to choose which action should occur. This can be turned off to automatic in the options.

FIFA further steps into realism as it features a Pro passing option. This allows you to control the accuracy of your pass. Some new moves have been added, and the pass action has also been improved on this edition.

The option to upload your music while playing the game has been polished. You can also set which music will play out on each team.

The new Career Mode brings in a whole lot fun and entertainment for the players. Back on it’s older versions the player mode and manager mode can be played separately. Games can still play which ever. FIFA 18’s main change comes from the new story line that comes with its career mode.

There are a lot of improvements that has been made in this edition. Although there is some minor drawback. The new additions will require players to be more skillful. Some may be discouraged by this, but for most, it’ll make the game more fun and realistic. FIFA 18 should be a nice addition unto your sports game collection. Something that you must have if you are a sports enthusiast.





Triangulation Method for GPS Tracking

Triangulation is the method used to acquire an individual’s particular location through the utilization of a cell phone. If you are a fan of the CSI episodes, then you might have a bit of an idea on how the method works. It is a process where they determine the phone’s location by calculating the angles from a fixed baseline. By basing the speed of the signals that are being passed, the location as well as its distance can be estimated by recognizing four to three known points. These known points are the antennas in which the operator for the cell phone is mounted. The job of the first point is to identify the distance from the cell phone. Then the second point narrows the spot to two points. The third point identifies the precise location of the said cell phone. Essentially the notion is to narrow down the exact location of the phone by removing the areas of a particular spot to pinpoint the location by making use of the three known points as filters.

gpsThe main concept of the GPS is the usage of triangulation to identify the best possible point in space. The method makes use of three GPS satellites from the individual’s GPS receiver just like this service called localiser un téléphone. The outcome coming from these three coordinates will then be measured, and the intersection between the spheres of the satellite coverage will be the factor that pinpoints the location of the user.

We can expect to see more development on the hardware and software that supports the GPS technology; it can further assist people by improving the mobility and connectivity which is the major backbone of the tracking system.

As our connectivity becomes more sophisticated, we can expect a huge number of companies to lead the way and take the current GPS technology a step further. There are still a lot of flaws that needs to be fixed, but the solutions to the problems remain unsolved. Tall buildings and bad weather block the line of sight of the GPS. Thus the accuracy of pinpointing your location gets reduced drastically.


Common Windows Errors – Is It Worth It?

windows problemThroughout its years Microsoft has produced over 10 Windows operating system that significantly affected today’s world. With most of its versions being already obsolete, the majority still prefers using Windows as their operating system.

The latest operating system Microsoft offers is the Windows 10. It was introduced in September 2014 and the official launched was made on 2015, July 29. With Microsoft being fully committed to making people switch, they offered a free upgrade for authentic Windows 7 and 8 users. The transition for users of Windows 7 is easier as Windows 10 is supposed to be just an improved version of Windows 7. The users will have a better understanding of it simple functionalities and have an easier time making use of its features. Windows 10 aims to provide its users a glitch free experience. But as much as they want to rid the system of such issues, there have already been reports coming from users of minor glitches and errors just like this code 0x80070426 Windows 10 error. However, these problems can be fixed with just a few simple steps that everyone can follow.

There have been reports where users experience a glitch whilst installing Windows 10. A pop-up appears stating that something happened. The only viable option is to close the window and restart the installation. This usually happens when creating an ISO whilst installing the Windows 10. A method to avoid this bug is to use the Upgrade This PC function by using the media creation tool.

There are instances where the wireless network can’t be detected by windows. The can be frustrating for many as this also prevents them from going online to check for solutions. There are instances where even the wired Ethernet is affected. Restarting your computer and resetting your router usually, fixes this problem. If this still doesn’t fix it, you need to check if the VPS software is installed properly, there are instances where the Windows 10 isn’t compatible with the current VPS software being used. If the problem persists turn off the firewall and try again.

A common error on windows 8.1 is the missing Start Menu. You’ll need the help of a 3rd party program to fix this. After finding the proper program, just follow the instructions that came with it and the error will be fixed. Yet another Windows 8.1 issue is the multiple copies of the same file. This causes your hard drive to be filled with files of the same kind. This is fixed by going to the default backup setting and disabling it.


Awesome Things To Buy

cool things to buyWith all the new technological advancements these days, the appearance of cool gadgets is sure to follow. There are vacuums which automatically move around the house to clean or alarm clock projections, and even television sets equipped with 3D. These are gadgets that make your life easier or at times just plain cool.

Another example of a gadget that makes our lives easier is the self-propelled luggage. You wouldn’t have to lug around your heavy suitcase anymore, this is particularly helpful for those who travel a lot. These suitcases are already available on the market. The weight it can carry depends on the model.

There is also the slot less toaster. This was made so that you can toast all types of bread despite its size. Even the thick bread will be toasted wonderfully on this machine. It can also be stored easily so as to save space for your kitchen.

Another cool gadget is the Kidsafe. With this, you can protect your computer documents from your kids. Most of us have experienced loosing work due to kids messing with our computer, or accidentally downloading stuff from the net. Kidsafe can save you a lot of frustration, particularly if you have a lot of children at home. You just have to set which applications and documents you wish to protect. Kids can still click the mouse and press the keyboard but those important files will remain protected.

Next is the new craze which is the 3D televisions. It is now available in public. You will now be able to watch 3D movies at the comfort of your home. Although a bit expensive this is definitely in the top cool things to buy list, especially if you are one of those people who take pride in their home entertainment room.

Another innovative gadget is the remote car started. Most of us have experienced on waiting on our car as it heats up. Particularly during the winter season. With the car starter, it’s just one click away on starting your car. Your car can start heating while your still up in your room. With its other features, it can also help you find your car easily on parking lots.

Myths of Infertility

There are a lot of tips and guide all around the internet about how to increase fertility naturally. You will be overwhelmed not only on the internet but from magazines, friends, and family. They will bombard you with suggestions they think they know is right. One of my favorite advice from friends and relative is the Obando Fertility Dance. It is a dance ritual celebrated every May in a place called Obando, Bulacan, Philippines. The idea is to sing and dance during the procession in order to increase one’s fertility.

I have no issue with the event itself. It is a tradition and it must be celebrated or remembered every now and then. But when it comes to infertility I prefer to use my left side of the brain. I believe it is a medical condition and can be treated with the right knowledge.

Aside from the ritual dance mentioned, here are some of the popular myths:

babyAdopting a child will get you pregnant

I really don’t believe this one but, I have an actual relative who was having problems conceiving. After a few years in their marriage,  they adopted. In just a couple of years, guess what, the woman got pregnant and I now have two cousins from their side.

Is it coincidence? Yes, I believe so. There is a study made indicating that couples who adopt have the same rate of conceiving compared to those who did not.

Husbands will leave their wife if they are infertile

Infertility can affect both male and female. Based on a study, around 35% of the time, the inability to conceive is caused by men. The treatment can cause stress but most of the time couples get through it. Deeper understanding can come from this experience which can make a marriage stronger.

Taking Robitussin before ovulating

The idea is that this cough syrup can help thin the mucus in your cervix just like the way it does with the mucus in your lungs. There are a lot of testimonials on the internet but as long as there is no scientific proof regarding the effect of Guaifenesin (active ingredient of Robitussin) on cervical mucus I’d say this one is a myth.

motherInfertility is a woman’s issue

Definitely a big no. As stated above, 35% of the infertility cases is because of men. 35% is from women, 20% comes from both and 10% is unknown. Expect denial from a man when confronted that he should be tested for infertility.

Infertile couples are not complete or unhappy

The inability to conceive can cause a great strain on the relationship as well as to each person involved. The ability to move on is quite persistent for this kind of couple. Adoption is an option. Most of the time couples let go of these feelings and move on with their lives. Being infertile does not mean the end of the world.

Infertility is a tough battle. Let’s be prepared with information and know which ones to avoid.

Cinemagraph – Living Photographs

I was browsing the internet a few days ago and came up with an image. Not actually an image but a moving image. It was a photograph of a female with her hair and clothing moving very subtly. It was captivating. What I noticed was that except for the hair and clothing, the rest of the image was still. It wanted me to look at it longer than usual. The movements seem to make it alive. Very interesting.

I did a Google search on what that image is and I found out that it is called “Cinemagraph”.  It is a term created by two photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck in 2011. They used the animated image in their fashion and news photographs.

A few minutes into searching I came upon hundreds of amazing and cleverly made cinemagraphs from cats, fruits and beautiful scenes. The experience is not quite the same when looking at standard still image.

This is not the same as GIFs which you can find on social media. The file format is the same but the concept is not. In a GIF, the clip is composed of a story or an event that happens in linear form. They are both seamleassly looping but the story or expression in a normal GIF is finished once it has reach the end. The common examples of it is a cat going bananas over a cucumber, or a man falling trying parkour.

A cinemagraph, on the other hand makes you want to understand and see the moving parts more even after you have watched it several times. You feel like you want to explore the image. The idea behind the image can be thought provoking.

Learning how to make can be easy. You will need the following:
– Tripod
– Video editing software (Photoshop)
– Camera

With just a few minutes into tutorials you can easily grasp the idea on how to create your own cinemagraph.