Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

long blonde wig

A wig is made from either synthetic of a human hair. It has many purposes like but the most common reason is hair loss. There has been a surge in demand for real hair wigs compared to synthetic wigs in the last decade. So which is really better? Here is a list of pros and cons between synthetic and human hair wigs:

Artificial fibers are used in creating synthetic wigs. They are made on a base of lace with either hand or machine.

Pros for synthetic wigs:

  • The price relatively cheap.
  • A synthetic wig can hold its style without too much help.
  • The colors are permanent which means you don’t have to dye it.
  • A lot of colors to choose from, a blonde wig, a brunette wig, a pink wig. You can find all the colors you want with synthetic wigs.
  • Different color variation is available.

Cons for synthetic wigs:

  • It has a certain shine that makes it look a little unnatural.
  • The hair strands are heat sensitive. Be careful when using a dryer.
  • Most synthetic wigs don’t exactly fit your head. You have to pay extra to get your head measured in order to have a great fit.
  • Cleaning it requires extra care. There are chemicals which can affect its overall appearance if cleaned with a wrong shampoo.

Human hair wig is a hair from a real person.

Pros for human hair wigs:

  • The strand can be treated just like your normal hair. You can use dye or other styling tools.
  • The hair looks real both to visual and touches senses.
  • Washing it can just be the same as washing your normal hair.

Cons for human hair wigs:

  • Dying repeatedly can affect its quality.
  • It is more expensive compared to synthetic wigs.
  • There is a certain lifespan for human hair wigs.