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adidas Performance NXT LVL SPD VI - Basketball shoes - scarle/white gnawIErTuu
adidas Performance NXT LVL SPD VI - Basketball shoes - scarle/white
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Meoded Paint Plaster / Marmarino Palladino Decorative Lime Based Plaster

$ 18.40 $ 234.50

Quart (1 kg): $18.40 1 Gallon (5 kg): $69.80 4.25 Gallons (20 kg): $234.50

For a full color chart, please see the Colors tab below

To match any color from Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and other fan decks colors please call us at (323) 308-2600.

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Actual color may have differ from computer screen .Test product in small area before application.

Additional Information



Marmorino Palladino™, an interior and exterior decorative wall plaster, comes in a natural lime and marble dust paste. Palladino produces authentic, Italian textures because it has a thicker body formed by its medium size grain. These textures enhance the look and feel of any location that needs a warm and dramatic appearance. Palladino™ produces a wide range of textures including a distressed, marble-like finish, and various natural stone-looks.

Marmorino Palladino™ enhances elegant wall spaces in Villas, commercial buildings, theaters, offices and any other interior or exterior space that requires the highest quality wall treatments.

Marmorino Palladino™ allows you to create a wide variety of interior and exterior finishes with state-of-the-art effects in any color and texture.

Marmorino Palladino™ can be used as a finish coat for interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and many other architectural details. Primarily applied to concrete, block, plaster and gypsum board substrates, the product can also be used to beautify most other smooth-surfaced materials.

Palladino™ is available in 1, 5 and 20 Kg sizes.

We care about the environment, therefore All MEODED PAINTS products are ECO Friendly!



Surface should be smooth, clean and free of contamination. Tape, mask and cover adjacent surfaces to protect them from splatter. Interior new surface – Prime the substrate with PVA acrylic primer and let it dry completely. Next, apply one coat of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer™ allowing it at least 3-5 hours to dry.

Interior exterior existing surface – Patch and repair any damaged substrates. Lightly sand surfaces with any sheen, then prime them with multi-purpose primer and let it dry completely. Next, apply one coat of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer™allowing it at least 3-5 hours to dry. Preparation of smooth, flat surfaces requires only the application of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer™.

Exterior Brown coat- Prepare the surface by cleaning and/or pressure washing. When the surface is fully dry, apply Meoded Quartz Primer™ diluted up to 50% with water. Let it dry for at least 3-5 hours. Apply three thin coats over the brown coat to produce a smooth surface.

Application Methods:

Brown Coat cure for at least seven (7) days before applying the finish coat. Twenty-one (21) days curing are recommended. Embedding a fiber mesh in the brown coat or the first coat may further reduce cracking. Use a stainless steel trowel or spatula to apply the two coats of Marmorino Palladino™.

First coat- Apply Marmorino Palladino™ thinly and evenly, covering the entire wall. Using a wet sponge or a plastic float may create a more uniform texture.

Allow at least 12 hours for the first coat to dry.

Second coat (Stony Effect) – Apply the second coat using the same technique as the first coat. The second coat should be slightly thicker. Spread the material evenly maintaining the same thickness across the wall. Roll a “PIT” rubber roller across the wet plaster to create small holes in the surface. Work in sections of 1-2 square feet. Don’t let the material dry. After the material to set-up for 5-10 minutes, go back over the same sections, smoothing some parts and leaving patchy areas of texture in other parts. Textured areas will appear larger and rougher when the material has set up completely.

Second coat (Rocky Effect) – Apply the second coat using the same technique as the first coat. The second coat should be slightly thicker. Spread the material evenly maintaining the same thickness across the wall. Immediately after applying the plaster, “pat” the plaster onto the wall with the trowel, “pulling” at the thick coat you just applied. This creates the rough texture. Let the texture coat set for about 5-10 minutes then go back and gently smooth it out, just breaking the top of the texture. Do not smooth the surface completely. Let it dry at least 12 hours before applying Velature™ – color wash.

Velature™ (color wash) – Dilute the first coat of Velature™ with at least 400%-600% water (4-6 to 1 ratio of water to glaze). Because Palladino™ plaster breaths, the material should absorb the first coat of glaze. Use a sponge to “wash” the wall with a light, thin layer. Let the wall “drink in” the glaze, and seal the plaster so that you can apply a second, darker coat. You can applyVelature™ wet-on -wet or wet-on-dry. Dilute the second coat as necessary to achieve the desired color. Use small amounts of Velature™ on a sponge. Press gently to wash the wall. Allow the glaze to penetrate into the rougher areas to give accent to the surface. Be careful to clean up any glaze that drips from the sponge before the wall absorbs it.

Custom Finishes: A mock-up or an approved sample board should be used as a standard for a custom finish project. Meoded provides personal consultation services to help develop custom applications.

Special Effects: Meoded Stencils – Unique, metallic effects can be incorporated into the installation to enhance the elegant and rich appearance of Marmorino Palladino™.

Sealer- Meoded recommends applying a water-repellent sealer, after a minimum of 48 hours drying time to provide protection from moisture and dirt.


After a minimum of 48 hours dry apply a water-repellent sealer is recommended to provide your finish with protection from moisture and dirt.



20 kg 80-220 sq. ft. for two coats; depending on surface and texture.

Marmorino Palladino ™ is usually glazed with Velature™, a color wash which provides the desired color. Also, Palladino ™ can be tinted to any color using universal tints or machine colorants. It is recommended to use Meoded’s natural concentrated pigments. Actual color may have differ from computer screen .Test product in small area before application. Select from any of our standard colors below, or give us a call at (323) 308-2600 for custom color orders.

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